San Diego's “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence,” or Top Doctors, is an annual election hosted by San Diego County Medical Society (SDCMS). If you are a licensed MD or DO practicing in San Diego County, we should already have your information in our Top Doctors Election database.

Use the form below and REGISTER TO VOTE so that we may validate your identity and verify your eligibility to participate. Enter your California license (include leading characters), date of birth, and preferred contact email address.

If a match is located, please “SELECT” your record to confirm your identity. Eligible voters will be redirected to the election platform to make selections and cast a ballot.

Registrants unable to authenticate their identity will receive a ‘No Records Found’ response. However, your registration is automatically retained, and the election official will contact you at the email provided within 72 hours of submission for further assistance in voting.

Contact SDCMS via email at should you experience any difficulty registering or voting electronically.

PRIVACY NOTICE: Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, SDCMS does not share or disseminate any registration information submitted with any outside party, organization, company, or individual.

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